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Candle Care

Our Vegan wax candles are available in a variety of luxurious scents. From fresh herb aromas, perfect for lighting in the kitchen, to indulgent musk’s. With a burning time of approximately 40 hours.

Candle Instructions
Always trim the wick to around 5mm before lighting and relighting. This will ensure a clean burn and reduce smoking. Always allow the whole surface of your candle to liquefy before extinguishing, as this will prevent tunnelling.

For a standard 30cl candle, we recommend burning 2-4 hours. Do not burn your candle for periods of more than 4 hours, or burn a candle past the last 1cm of wax, as this can cause overheating. Never burn your candle in a draught as this will cause an uneven burn and smoke.

Gently blow out your candle, or ideally use a candle snuffer. Reposition wick to its original position and trim before candle becomes solid after burning.

Room Diffusers

Our scented room diffusers not only look stunning in any home, they also give off a rich aroma that lasts for months. Our diffusers are 100% plant based and contain no alcohol.


Home made fresh pasta the easy way. Aldo Zilli’s favourite pasta cutter is the perfect gift for adventurous cooks. Our Chitarra Pasta Cutter is the perfect Italian food gift for those wanting to make their own pasta. Just watch our video to see it in action in Aldo’s kitchen.